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Carmen is currently hooked on the new No-Poo & One Condition Decadence and SUPERCREAM. “I've also always used Set it Free to tame frizzies from our hot Alabama weather and the no-fail Spray Gel to set everything too.” We featured Carmen on FB on September 21, 2015.

It felt like I hadn't played with blue for ages so decided on a gradient using some blues and a purple all #kiko colours. I stamped using @mundodeunas white and @bornprettystorenailart #bp54. If you're paying attention at all you'll also notice I've changed my username. I've finally succumbed and admit this is a fully fledged nail addicts account! But you've known for ages right? by sylvialopic_nails

#WakeUpAndMakeup @wakeupandmakeup *DEAD* This is &q...Instagram photo