Pretty Black Girls In Glasses

"Take the kinks out of your mind instead of your hair." - Marcus Garvey Embrace your natural hair and all of its glory!

The Busy Girl’s Guide to Waking Up Pretty Funny because this is what I do...most definitely cuts down on time spent in the bathroom the next morning

15 Ways to Wake Up Gorgeous

Secrets to a better night’s sleep: We reveal all the right stuff—mattresses, lighting, and even the best bedtime rituals.

Pinterest: @bruhitsjazzy

Pinterest: @bruhitsjazzy

Holy Glam! We should all strive to show off our femininity and womanliness in such a glamorous, beautiful way. More

Anna Nicole Smith Ginta Lapina looks just like Anna Nicole Smith in this fall 2012 ad for Blackglama

Wisdom, class, and grace! I can only hope to be this fab in my old age

I have photographed singer, Rita Ellis Hammer several times now. As she has gotten older, she has felt more free to experiment with fashion and style.Rita is proof that you can be elegant and glamorous at any age!

Chiara Ferragni Black Fur Jacket, Leopard top

Women's Black Fur Jacket, Brown Leopard Button Down Blouse, Black Skinny Jeans, Black Leather Tote Bag