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Shimmering Textiles, Stitched From Liquor Bottle Caps

El Anatsui Saw his installation in Akron in 2012. This stuff is amazing in person. If you ever get the chance go see an exhibit of his works and ponder the effort, collaboration, discipline involved. Then enjoy the art!

Antique African Ewe Kente - early C 20 - Alternating patterns that feature varying proportions and variable colors are placed at staggered intervals where they create a magnificent checkerboard pattern. The result is a gorgeous patchwork visage. However, the symbolism is much deeper...This exceptional kente textile showcases a formal symmetric composition that incorporates consistent hues of rich navy blue and bold saffron yellow, which represent harmony and abundance.

Africa | Interior Hanging (arkilla kereka) from the Fulani people of Niger | ca. 1st half 20th century | Wool, cotton, dye | These types of cloths are tent-dividers and marriage-bed hangings. //

Kuba Long Panel - KUBA Long Panel 203 49" x 21" $200 This special wrap was worn outside, or on top of, the long dance dresses for added decoration and prestige. Made from raffia.

Africa | Bamana Shirt. A cotton shirt embroidered in cotton in green, red, black, yellow and featuring roosters in the front and airplanes in the back amid geometrical fields. Worn by the Bamana tribe of Mali and Ghana. | ca. 1950, Mali | Cotton