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Iain Macarthur, this is a more colourful designs of his, I think it works just as well as his other desgins, it's still immaculately detailed and intricate. He has applied symmetry to provide balance and harmony and also directs the eye centrally so the layout is easy to follow and not distracting. Utilizing the figure in a softer tone highlights both her and the pattern, it adds an ease to the eye and is subtle. I think the colour pallette of monotones works well so it's not over…

Sandra Diecmann, I like the collage effect with the trees, it gives some depth and adds a home made, personal feeling. I think the bright colours highlight the the darker tones and illustration of the animal. It really attracts the eye and sets the mood in a more fun light mood.

Nikki farquharson, I like the combination of medias, the collage effect adds a photobook feel that is personal. It also adds realism by applying photos and then pencil/pen to make it less busy. I think the patterns add a movement to the piece and make the image on top stand out. The colours are very bright which pop but the less detailed negative space evens out the colour and business.

Abbey Watkins, I think the application of colour stands out the most to me. It works well with the pencil/pen illustration and compliments it. I enjoy how it is applied a little messy and playful, brings a sense of business and expression. It involves nice detail contrasted to more basic areas which eases the eye and draws to more important area.