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I use the 3D effect to make my name pop out. I also use filter gallery to add in texture on my name.
I put my name in 3D using the 3D tool.
I used the 3D effect to make my name pop out and look 3D.
my middle name .. >_>
I used my favorite ban members name. To create this creative look, I used the clipping mask tool.
In my piece of art i used one of my favorite characters(Peter Griffin) from the cartoon show family guy, and made him look as if he was doing yoga with me. I made my piece look more brighter by playing around with the adjustments known as, Hue and Saturation, and Brightness/Contrast.
i made this piece by using the oil paint filter and i also added some text of my favorite song by 5 seconds of summer. i put the song title in the center but made it faded so it camouflages with the background. lastly i changed the adjustments to make it more vibrant.
I used a lot of pictures from Austin and Ally, Teen Beach Movie, and Teen Beach Two because they had a lot of summer pictures! I turned down the brightness on the background and typed in lyrics from Teen Beach Movie and Teen Beach Two songs!