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"We should build a wall around the white house so Obama can't leave."

Sean Biggerstaff!! And he was kinda in 5 books out of the 7, so it wouldn't have been TOO big a stretch of the imagination... XD

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25 Pictures Only Fans Of “The Golden Girls” Will Think Are Funny

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Michael, even if you had a pedo stash I'd still be your friend...which you kinda do in this photo

Thomas, OTP means One True Pairing. Newt, fangirls. Duh. Minho, yes. Yes we do. Brenda, ... I don't like you Jorge, ........ No comment Alby, an over obsessive, emotionally stable female Gally, yes. Yes we do

A kind-hearted man saw two little white boots under a truck by the tire and found a tiny kitten clinging to it. Her cat mother ran away and left her behind,