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"We should build a wall around the white house so Obama can't leave."

so much yes. yes, yes, yes. Sherlock, Moriarty, Derek Hale, Stiles Stilinski, Captain Cold (Leonard Snart), Kol Mikaelson (both Nate and Daniel's versions), Paul (Orphan Black), Spencer Reid, Francis from Reign, Loki, Oliver Queen, Damon Salvatore, Elijah Mikaelson, David Anders in all of his many characters..... The list goes onnnnnnn and onnnn.

Sean Biggerstaff!! And he was kinda in 5 books out of the 7, so it wouldn't have been TOO big a stretch of the imagination... XD

Thomas, OTP means One True Pairing. Newt, fangirls. Duh. Minho, yes. Yes we do. Brenda, ... I don't like you Jorge, ........ No comment Alby, an over obsessive, emotionally stable female Gally, yes. Yes we do

A kind-hearted man saw two little white boots under a truck by the tire and found a tiny kitten clinging to it. Her cat mother ran away and left her behind,