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Honey Jade and Sterling Silver Necklace

A Red Creek Jasper pendant hangs from a Honey Jade and Sterling Silver beaded necklace for a contemporary look.

Aqua Glass Chips and Sterling Silver Necklace

Contemporary aqua glass chip necklace comprising large irregular chips of aqua coloured glass and Sterling Silver curved tubes.

Black Agate and Sterling Silver Pendant

Turquoise and Sterling Silver Necklace with Turquoise Donut Pendant

Stunning necklace comprising a Stabilized chalk turquoise donut pendant suspended on a handmade Sterling Silver and turquoise beaded chain.

Sterling Silver Chainmaille Necklace (Helm Weave)

Black Diamond Crystal and Sterling Silver Earrings

Crystal earrings handcrafted from Swarovski crystals and Sterling Silver, ideal wedding jewellery.