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Oh. Hmm. You know how I make my man happy with jam or jelly? By keeping it the heck away from his sandwiches. I need to have a book along the lines of, "How to Keep Men Happy with Blowjobs, Boxing, and Steak."

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Indeed this world is far behind, we were promised flying cars by I had my hopes up to be Jane Jetson's modern counterpart. We did get many more buttons to press though, tee hee.

[nggallery If a picture tells a thousand words, then an animated GIF must be good for a few more. Whether you want to animate your avatar, get involved in a meme, or amuse your friends with a funny photo sequence, an animated GIF is a great way to


I've nipped this one in the bud by tucking these rotting towels into my children's beds. It only takes a few times before they realized it was a lot easier hanging their towels up than changing their sheets nightly...

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