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from The Verge

Apple reportedly not supporting the GOP convention over Trump

Why Britain's referendum on leaving the EU is linked with the US election and a possible President Donald Trump.

Because liberals only claim to be progressive and open to everyone.. cross them and you will see a whole new type of bat shit crazy... it's pathetic. Grow up and stop crying.. you lost move in.. maybe consider looking for a JOB instead of protesting

It's a toss up between the orange clown with the bad make-up job, and Pennywise. Both are pretty fucking terrifying.

And now newly leaked Hillary emails prove that she has plants who infiltrated key media positions, who spin and censor the news to protect Hillary. Inform 10 people, and challenge them to vote with you in this electoral war for America's future!

Pleased he was my pick from the start, the only candidate that listened to the TRUE voice of America....thank you President Trump!!!!