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Or, you know, 2 seasons in one day and then after 2 years an episode a week for 3 weeks. But whatever, you hurt too, I'm sure. <<< I know. or from going to dance four days a week then to one day. whenever you go you feel like you've had a whole year off

LOL...I do this all the time. A friend taught me a trick -- don't look at the clock when you know you're going to bed late and you don't know how little sleep you're actually getting. It actually works -- you don't know quite how sleep-deprived you are.

Oh there was this one pool that was twenty feet deep and me and my guy friends held a contest to see who could reach the bottom, it was really awesome! Its easier than it looks. We had the high diving board on our sides!!!

is it bad to have an inside joke with someone and a start of a friendship that started by teasing someone else?? ik its bad....but in the situation...not rlly....sigh i wish making friends was easier but we only talk when it comes to that??