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BE CLEAN! It's really important to keep you kit clean, you're going to be working on childrens skin...and most have them come complete with germs, make sure you don't spread them! Rinse your brushes, and keep your water fresh, use one sponge per FACE, not one for each colour...and throw them in the washing machine when you get home ready for the next job. Face painter's set up #facepaint #facepainting #facepaintschool

Frozen face painting/makeup - Color Me Face Painting



Artists To Go Face Painting Table and Face Painting Kit, Fast Setup for Professional Face Painters

Directors chair with laminated menu board velcroed to the back (if anyone knows the original painter/designer please add to comments below) xx

My Face Painting Set-up 2014 BY ASHLEA HENSON - some useful tips.

Good set up idea! Image from: Rascals Rosebuds face painting set up.

The perfect face paint kit and set up created by Helen Green.Photo used with permission from Helen Green

Rockfacepaint face painting booth set up