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Manhunt Daily Wood: Ryan Young Gets Naked For Thomas Synnamon

I DO agree that Chris Pine COULD make a fabulous Ken Doll! However, Mattel made one (a Captain Kirk with Chris Pine as the model) and I didn't like it. :( It didn't do Chris Pine any justice at all! I felt the same way about the Jacob Black Ken Doll modeled after Taylor Lautner! Didn't look at ALL as handsome and cute as Taylor is! :(

adam levine一个世界 I want you to breathe me in. Let me be your air. Let me roam your body freely. No inhibition, no fear.. How deep is your love?Is it like the ocean? What devotion? Are you? 一个世界

Clement Becq. I wonder if I could donate to his fav charity to run my hands thru his hair for just 5 mins?

from BuzzFeed

Zachary Quinto And Chris Pine's Bromance Is The Best Bromance

Zachary... Chris... BuzzFeed has their most bromantic moments at the click. Go ahead. I won't judge...

Masculine Chris Pine... love his sexy eyes

from Us Weekly

Whoa! Meet Clint Eastwood's Super-Hot Son Scott, 27!

It's a boy

LMM - Loving Male Models (Alex Prange ) . - Develop the sexual presence of a model! Click the pic.