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@TheDailyTelegraph Alcohol-Fuelled Violence:two nights in hell For NSW #DrunkenBrawl People who abuse alcohol are more apt to get into fights and drive drunk. ER's report a high of number injuries related to alcohol impairment, according to Goode (p.223-224, 2014) The implications are many but one thing is clear, heavy drinking leads to inappropriate and risky behaviors, which is unacceptable to society. #GetDrunkAndFight #AlcoholRage

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So THAT'S why drinking and smoking go hand in hand: Nicotine dampens feel-good chemicals in the brain, making us crave alcohol

GLAESER: #DrinkingAndSmoking #HandInHand #GatewayDrugs American scientists claim when rats were given nicotine it boosted the rats interest in alcohol. Smoking cigarettes seems to correlate even more strongly with illicit drug use than drinking (Goode 2015, pg 234). The scientists found that nicotine increases the effect of the alcohol. Which means smokers must drink more to achieve a level of enjoyment. #tobacco

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Shocking video shows a man 'forcing a baby to smoke and drink'

The child takes several puffs on the cigarette before washing it down with a beverage that looks like beer or cider


16 Truths About The Kids Of Today's Generation


Governments legalize economic stimulants manufactured by Central Banks.

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Everyone should avoid driving under the influence of alcohol or Drug, but if you are caught doing so, and everything is messed up, don’t worry, our team of experienced Lawyers will help you to get back your normal life, just visit and hire our lawyers.

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Are Super Bowl beer ads a bad idea? (Opinion) -

Are Super Bowl Beer Ads A Bad Idea?

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Push Away… – Chapter 11

Push Away... - Chapter 11 There was another note on my desk: Joselyn, This is from the man who adores you. I chickened out earlier. It does not compare to your beauty in my eyes. I will understand if you won’t accept it, but please do, even if you can only wear it here. It’s a tear drop to replace the ones you have lost. Tyler

Guess-how-many-people-have-tested-positive-in-Michigan-s-drug-testing-welfare-program-Zero. They might have had more success testing for lead.


Sleeping It Off: How Alcohol Affects Sleep Quality

How does alcohol affect the quality of your sleep?