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3girls cup flandre_scarlet floral_print hane_(azelye) letterboxed monochrome multiple_girls patchouli_knowledge plate skull teacup thigh-highs touhou wings zettai_ryouiki

adapted_costume alice_margatroid bare_shoulders book bookshelf bottle cake chair chin_rest cup doll doll_joints flower food hairband hane_(azelye) kazami_yuuka letterboxed monochrome multiple_girls room sewing_machine shanghai_doll short_hair sitting skull sleeveless sunflower symmetry table teacup teapot touhou youkai

azelye boots corset cross-laced_footwear dress elbow_gloves extra_legs eyes fan frilled_dress frills frilly_dress gathers gloves graphite_(medium) hand_on_hip hane_(azelye) highres lace-up_boots lace_up_boots legs letterboxed monochrome multiple_legs parasol spell_card touhou traditional_media umbrella upside-down yakumo_yukari

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