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Victory: Angel's Gate Dissolved

Article. 1/28/2013. Victory: Angel's Gate Permanently Closed! Written by Jeff Mackey 1 hour ago Update: Great news! The hellhole formerly known as "Angel's Gate, Inc.," has been shut down for good! The lawsuit's settlement prohibits Angel's Gate founder Susan Marino from caring for or harboring any animals other than her own “pets” and from being an officer or a director of an organization that holds charitable funds for 10 years.

VITO CASIOFERRO Birth: 1862 Death: 1945 Organized Crime Figure. Mafia Don, Godfather in Sicily. He was responsible for establishing the strong connection that still exist between the Sicilian and American Mafias. Died in Sicilian prison.

Erice is a historic town in the province of Trapani in Sicily, Italy. Erice is located on top of Mount Erice, at around 750m above sea level, overlooking the city of Trapani, the low western coast towards Marsala,

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ANGELO " BLOODY ANGELO " GENNA Birth: unknown Marsala, Italy Death: May 25, 1925 Chicago Gangster. Killed by Vincent Drucci, Earl Weiss and Bugs Moran, of Chicago's West Side Gang. Became head of Union Sicilian after Merlo's death.

According to a legend, the birth of cannoli would take place in Caltanissetta, "Kalt El Nissa" term which in Arabic means "Castle of Women", at that time home to numerous harem emirs of the Saracens. The cannolo would therefore have ancient origins, although it has undergone several transformations over the centuries, and its ancestor may have been a cake shaped like a banana, stuffed with ricotta, almonds and honey | #BnBGenius #lifeisajourney