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Pschent Crown - this crown was worn by Pharaohs to symbolize rule over both Upper and Lower Egypt. It is a combination of both crowns of Upper (outer) and Lower (inner) Egypt.

The Pschent crown was a combination of two crowns, one from upper Egypt and one from lower Egypt. It was worn by pharaohs to symbolize their rule and control over both parts of Egypt.

The Pschent crown, which is shown in the middle, is symbolic of a pharaoh having control over upper and lower egypt.

Egyptian Pschent crown The Pschent was the name of the Double Crown of Ancient Egypt. The Ancient Egyptians called it sekhemti meaning the two powerful ones. The Pschent was a symbol of the pharaoh's power over all Egypt.

chp 2 Egyptians lived on the Nile river. Pschent (skent)-Egyptian double crown, the two powerful ones. Upper egyptians-white Hedjet crown and cobra. Lower egyptians-red Deshret crown and vulture.

Colossal statues of Ramses II (19th Dynasty) wearing the Pshent crown flank the entrance to Luxor Temple. The double crown symbolizes the two regions of upper and lower Egypt.

Pshent. The Double Crown, the red crown and the white crown put together to represent a unified Egypt. Although Egypt was not always a unified nation it was stronger that way.Therefore unification was desirable. Narmer (Menes), the founder of the First Dynasty around 3100 B.C., was the first man recorded wearing this crown.