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The Easy No-Research Approach to Creating a Pollinator-Friendly Garden

Dedicating a portion of your growing space to creating a pollinator-friendly garden is essential to the overall health of your plants and it also creates a thriving ecosystem.

How to Make a Butterfly Island Bed

I chose to put this on my landscaping board b/c it will be a pretty big project for me. I haven't decided where I want this but I do know that I also want to choose plants that will encourage hummingbirds to come to our house. Love these tiny little beauties as much as I do butterflies.

"No mercy! Is that clear?! No reprieve! You return to the hive with blood on your mandibles or you don't return at all! Cry Havoc! Wait... Wendy, did you bring your purse?" "I never go anywhere without my purse. It has all my stuff in it." "... We're at war." "And if you want some gum during the war, where are you going to get it, huh? What about identification? Do you have any? I do. It's in my purse."

Giant Ghana Snail - Bigger Than You Thought

The Giant Ghana Snail. With a shell that commonly grows to a length of 18cm and a diameter of 9cm, but has been observed to grow as large as 30x15cm, the giant Ghana snail is the world's largest land snail. Native to West Africa, giant Ghana snails can be found within 160 to 305 klm of the coasts of Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Togo, Benin, Nigeria, & Ghana.

How buying heirloom seeds defends our habitat from invasion

IN THIS POST: Where do seeds come from? Why are seed banks important? Where can I buy heirloom seeds in my area?

23 Gorgeous Products That’ll Turn Your Bedroom Into an Oasis of Calm

Don't leave all your best collectibles to gather dust on a shelf. Highlight them with this 17-inch showcase-cum-lamp. Just make sure you use LED bulbs for the more delicate stuff