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Trafalgar Law - One Piece Jeanist Contest

Banpresto have launched a website for Jeans Freaks, a website which is hosting a One Piece Jeanist Contest. From July 21 - August fans can vote for whi.

Trafalgar Law x Monkey D. Luffy

Trafalgar Law x Monkey D. Luffy I love this relationship xD

One Piece, Trafalgar Law, Lami

that"s me. -why are you eating bread? -b/c it's my breakfast. what's yours? -i didn't have time to make some. -dont worry just eat this! wait you made it? for me? [cant find me anywhere]

Nefertari Vivi - One Piece Jeanist Contest

One Piece Jeanist Contest girls. They’re so cute I love them so much! Perona’s my fav but I love Hancock’s style as well.

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