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1940s Peter Pan circle-stitch bullet bra with tags.

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1909-1913, England - Corset - Silk, partly embroidered, elastic, satin ribbon, metal

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Flying harness

Flying harness from 1904 London stage productions, possibly used for first run of Peter Pan. George Kirby.

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Cage crinoline

Cage crinolineThe crinoline was invented in the 1850s. It was made of dozens of circles of fine wire held together vertically with fabric tape. It replaced layers and layers of petticoats made of heavy horsehair and linen with starched ruffles. The new lighter crinoline was eagerly adopted by women to achieve the fashionably full profile of the skirt.

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Vintage 30s Bra Pink Satin and Sheer White Lace Pin Up Bullet Bra Circle Stitch XS Art Deco

Vintage 30s Pink Satin and White Lace Pin Up от northstarvintage

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1940's 1950's Black Satin Bullet Bra Girdle Circle Stitch 34B

1940's Black Satin Girdle

Peter Pan Bullet Bra- 'merry-go-round cup'- glorious comfort breathes with you ~ I am thankful to the women that burned bras and demanded change...

Antique Corset, Edwardian Summer Corset, ca. 1910

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Mascotte 1912