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Asheville Ford is partnering with Hearts With Hands™ again this year in support of the Annual Feed The Children Mustang Fundraiser.

Tutoring Ideas for presenting the Memory Work!

from Oaktree Counseling

ADHD Tips for Parents

ADHD Tips for Parents. Ways to help kiddos focus, without bothering others.

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How Can Parents Help Their Children Read? How can you help your students concentrate for longer? Which simple evidence based techniques can help them pay more attention? We’ve been scouring the research of concentration and distractions to find out what works best. Here are seven scientifically proven ways to improve concentration. 1. Eat Breakfast – Over 60% of teenage boys and 70% …

from A Mom with a Lesson Plan

Ways to help the teacher when you can't work in the classroom.

Teachers - this is a great list to use for parents who want to be involved, but can't come in. Kids feel very important when their parent helps out, see if they can help from home!

Nine times tables for math journal Two different patterns. One is down and up. The other is from the middle (45 &54) and up and down but backwards.

Welcome to my second blog in my new series focusing on how to support the older child in Primary school. In this blog I share 20 great ways that can help children learn multiplication facts, or more commonly known as times tables. Let me point out from the beginning, that before helping your child to remember multiplication facts, it…


5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Child’s Focus

Getting a child with #ADHD to concentrate can be a real challenge. Check out 5 simple techniques you can try to help your child's ability to focus and remember information. #memorytips