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Oooh its cold outside.

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Rare tigers.  Beautiful. #WelcomeToTheFreakshow

Rare tigers

I love those blue tigers! Second fave is the white tigers. then the liger/tigon, then the golden tiger, then the snow white tiger!

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Funny pictures about I think that deserves a high five. Oh, and cool pics about I think that deserves a high five. Also, I think that deserves a high five photos.

White tiger cubs :)

See this cute cub? He looks at the pelt of the tiger and kills it. It is illegal to kill a Bengal tiger, but some still do it. The population of tigers are getting dangerously low.

Hey fellow follower so happy you could pin another day.. Please always look at the bright side of things Happy Thursday!! Love Beka

this is an Amur Tiger. They are the same thing as the Siberian Tiger. They live in Russia. Amur Tigers are my favorite type of animal ^-^ they're so adorable and full of personality

~~Bengal Tiger cub ~ roaring practice by Josi Lan~~

30 Of The Happiest Facts Ever

* * ORANGE TIGER: " Just the two us, and if  yoo don't stop fidgeting, it'll be just the one  of us."

The True Meaning Of Friendship

Baby White Tiger (Back Light Down)

White Tiger Cub Wants To Play . OH I'm about try to play with hthis little cutie? I'm sure he is bigger than me,