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Combination of the three gallon plastic fount with the grill.

Milk Jug Seed Starters: This simple technique was developed for seeds that need to spend a winter outside before they will germinate, but it’s also a great method to start garden seeds in late winter if you don’t have indoor lights or a cold frame.

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Vintage 1960s-70s Crystal Pet Carnival Figurine FULL SET Of six designs

I so remember! I had some of these when I was little, except I don't remember having the cat Crystal Pet Carnival

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Spots on the Puppy

Clear pockets for writing... can do so much with this

Kid warmer: A 55 gallon FOOD GRADE plastic barrel. Cut a hole the diameter of a heat lamp in the top lid leaving enough to run 4 screws through the rim of the metal lampshade into the top of the barrel. Be sure the bulb won't be touching the plastic. Put a square of chicken wire under the bulb just in case it burst the screen would catch parts. Cut a door with a jigsaw. Secure to stall wall, add straw and babies. It also casts a nice glow for doing barn checks at night.

Click here to open up our cheat sheet for all the basics on hermit crab care. Print a few and hand it out to spread the word! Hermit crab care guide.

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Build A DIY Disaster Preparation Bucket

Build A DIY Disaster Preparation Bucket - well put together kit with written list as well as photos.

door-keeps in heat and helps with ventilation