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"An underwater photographer has managed to capture the moment a shark pulled out its best impersonation of Bruce from Pixar’s “Finding Nemo.” This surprisingly cheery-looking lemon shark was snapped off the coast of Juniper, Florida by 58-year-old Kenneth "Wayne" MacWilliams." I LOVE THIS :-)

from Skreened

shark bait one-piece | Baby One Piece

To my friend, Kristine!!!! We need this! :-) haha ~ Shark Bait onesie

Take A Bite Out Of A Good Book Reading Bulletin Board

Can we just appreciate the fact that the Shark broke the fourth wall while talking about this?!!

Seaweed dip (artichoke dip) with blue corn tortilla chip "shark fins"

FUN photo booth prop shark. Made with foam board, acrylic paint, super glue, and kids' tempura paint. Kids got a huge kick out of it for the little's ocean themed birthday party.

shark week birthday party gummy candy blue bar

Shark Problems featuring Bruce from Finding Nemo

Shark Bait! Hoo haha @Cori Miller for the finding Dory premier =)