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--->hello friends, this is a blog about cute girls & fried eggs. i'm elle-emeno-pee, lizard queen & breakfast fiend. welcome to the party, please enjoy your stay ( ☀︎⏑☀︎)ノ♡

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Form following function: we’ll keep this short. After the Coogi sweater and Ed Hardy aughts, the fashion world was hungry for something new....

(Be him/her?) I sat on the sidewalk, the left side of my face was beaten up. It had bruises, scrapes, and scratches all along my skin. You hated seeing me hurt or me still fighting. "You need to stop this Alec! Your arm is going to need stitches!" You hold my arm and examine a cut that was pretty deep and wide, the source where the most blood had came from. "I'm's no big deal." I shrug as I try to stay balanced sitting down.