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لاقيتك ستارٌ يحوطك من ظلامٍ دامسٍ ، يمتدُّ من غيهب النســـيان للــــروح والطُهر…

Jan 12 Light, Bright, and Cozy Decor Transitions from the Holiday Season

After taking down my lit Christmas garland and wreath, my mantel looked so sad and dark. I added white frames that instantly lighten the space. The colorful prints create much needed interest. I found this giant pineapple at HomeGoods. I love it! So I thought I would display a collection of pineapples. This cozy sweater pompom pillow is one of my new favorites I found at HomeGoods. Sponsored by HomeGoods

22 Clever Hiding Places To Stash Your Stuff

Parents, snoop your kids' rooms. Just found this on Tumblr, posted by a teenage girl. Points to her for being clever enough to create this. Points subtracted instantly for being stupid enough to show the internet.

isnt this the coolest thingy ever on earth?!!?      Sydney Opera house inspired? Glamping, but a cool design

Is it sad that I want tree stands built like this... maybe not just like this but definitely the tree house concept... I think I could conquer my fear of tree stands with one like this.

10 Bizarre Gadgets and Random Inventions You Won't Believe Exist -

10 Bizarre Gadgets and Random Inventions You Won't Believe Exist -