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The Goddess. Mother Earth. Mother Nature. "The dun deer wooed with manner bland, And cowered beneath her lily hand." illustration by Warwick Goble to Kilmeny, The Book of Fairy Poetry (1920)

She embraces the true essence of the divine feminine goddess deep into her soul, becoming fully aware of the power held within and creating love to fill the world with the sweet peace craved by all…

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Triple Moon Goddess Cross Stitch -- Pagan, Wicca, Wiccan, Earth, Mother, Craft, Cross-Stitch, Aida, Crone, Maiden, Moon, Spiral, Hand-made

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Hecate Goddess of Magic 21cm

Hecate comes from Greek Mythology, She is the Triple Goddess of the moon. Maiden, Mother & Crone. She is associated with entrances and crossroads, dogs & witchcraft. She has great knowledge of herb's and poisonous plants, ruler of earth, sea & sky. She is

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Triquetra Celtic Knot Sterling Silver Spinner Ring

Triquetra Celtic Knot Sterling Silver Spinner Ring - New at Price: $64.50 The Triquetra appears to be one of the simplest Celtic Knots but it's meaning is profound. Representing the triplicities that surround us (earth sea sky; birth death rebirth; the maiden mother and crone aspects of the Goddess) the Triquetra is a powerful statement about the world around us. The outer band spins freely around the ring giving a beautiful and soothing diversion for idle hands. Makes a…