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A personal favorite from my Etsy shop

General George Patton - One of the greatest horsemen this country has seen... from Cav to Polo to Steeplechase to the Modern Pentathalon in the 1912 Olympics... Patton loved horses!

800 HORSEMEN. History of the liberation of the city of Jerusalem from 1400 years of Muslim rule. First the Greeks, Romans, Muslims, Napoleon, Muslims (again) and finally the Australian Light Horse. 800 young Australians made a daring charge into the face of 5000 Turkish soldiers in World War 1. They opened the doorway to the liberation of Jerusalem and the way for the foundation of the modern nation of Israel, something no other nation has been able to achieve.

The King of Kings Champion Rex McDonald - Taken in 1912 when Rex was 22 years old. Horsemen of Missouri and Kentucky almost had pitched battles over Rex McDonald. Missouri always called him “the wonder horse.” Finally when Rex McDonald died in Mexico, Missouri, the town went into full mourning. A funeral procession followed him to his last residing place, in the center field at the Mexico fairgrounds where he had made chapters of show horse history.