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Life Breath: The ability to exhale a breath that brings life. The user is able to resurrect the dead. While many users only use their power to resuscitate those who have recently died, others breathe life into long dead bodies creating a type of controllable zombie.

Not entirely sure what is going on here but the expression is so Benvolio

I could feel him staring at me as I poured my tea. "What?" I enquired "What're you staring at?" His eyes flicked between me and the tea pot.

How about a 5'3" punk rock ballet dancer who listens to Celtic music and reads fantasy novels? That's me by the way, hello!

I remembered him well. He would sit for hours on end, entertaining the children who passed by creating little hummingbirds and butterflies that would flit around the children, making them squeel with laughter and the parents smile. I looked at that empty crate for a long time, knowing the Silver-haired man would never again sit there, creating music with the laughter of children.

Good shot!!". "Who do you think Robin Hood learned from?". " You're kidding?!?!"

Wizard school girls with familiars

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