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Explore Tower Fairwater, Wahoo Scrapbook and more!

USS Wahoo - Scrapbook of Eternal Patrol Forward gun comparison - This was Wahoo in July 1943. Her 4-inch gun forward of the conning tower fairwater matches perfectly with the wreck images. Her torpedo loading crane is mounted on the deck just forward of the gun.

Scrapbook of Sixth War Patrol Wahoo: July 16, 1943 - Plan view, forward. Modifications are circled in white. Note the addition of the thick, square underwater loop antenna mounted on the starboard side of the periscope shears.

Scrapbook of Sixth War Patrol Wahoo: Mare Island Naval Shipyard - From Forest Sterling's lookout perch, changes to Wahoo's bridge can be seen. From the left is the voice tube, T.B.T., gyrocompass repeater, diving alarm, rudder angle indicator and speaker-microphone. A four-inch gun has been mounted forward of the fairwater. Courtesy Steve Reichmuth, Tom Anderson & Jack Kocher.

TANG Scrapbook - Commissioning Front Porch - Directly forward of the bridge is the 20mm gun platform. Open hatch to left is to the gun access trunk utlilized by gun crews during rapid dives. The gun itself is stored in a pressure proof locker while the sub is submerged. Forward of the fairwater on the main deck is the 4" 53 caliber main gun. Normally a dry mounted gun, the 4" required continuous maintenance to remain in ready condition.

Destroyer gunning, WAHOO running!January 27, 1943 - Wahoo's Control Room during "Destroyer gunning, Wahoo running" engagement. The boat has dived and is running silent. A string of depth charges has just exploded. Note the Planesman's shaved head from the "crossing-the-line" ceremony of days before.

Scrapbook of Third War Patrol February 7, 1943 - Wahoo returns to Pearl Harbor a celebrity. Film crews, photographers, brass band and brass hats turned out for a raucous celebration.

BM 3rd Class Donald O. Smith at the conning tower of sub USS Wahoo, Midway Atoll, 6 Apr 1943. (US Navy photo)

USS Wyoming, BB-32, 1919. Yes, those are four twin turrets aft of the masts. Armed with 12 12-inch guns.

Type 23 frigate HMS Monmouth on patrol. Following a successful maintenance period in July and a well deserved leave period during August, it...