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Good morning.... (Fenrir). (I ran into Hella at G's at lunch. She was sipping tea and looking at this article. "The things they say about Our family!" She said, shaking Her head. She sounded a bit like Ingrid Bergman, I thought....)

Although She-Wolf of the Capitol (circa 500 bc) is actually an Etruscan sculpture, it is associated with Roman art. The bronze statue, which stands 85 cm (33 in) high, is the symbol of the city of Rome. The mythological Romulus and Remus were supposed to have been kept alive by a wolf in order to fulfill their destiny as founders of the city. The figures of the infants were created during the Renaissance, but the wolf is Etruscan.

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I showed my friend Alex this and he was like...Oooooo is that from a anime and i just stared at him untell he figured it out