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Amaia Salamanca, 27, 'Alicia Alarcón' en la serie "Gran Hotel." Spain

Museo de la Automoción de Salamanca -

Charro, Spain. It's an imperative 2 become vegetarian or vegan organic foods and drinks. Cruelty towards animals is a total genocide, only because you are told that protein is only in meat, A BIG LIE, MEAT IS BEEN POISONED with hormones, radiation, transgenics, you eat the pain of the animal mistreated, 4 better flavour, pigs ears are cut alive, continue being ignorant and die 4ever,,

Salamanca Watch available at #BrightonCollectibles

"Gran Hotel" Spanish mystery drama series often compared to Downton Abbey, set around the same time .

Preparando los kikirimichis #AudioVisuales para el nuevo Show de los #LosArcanosdelDesierto- Domingo 07 Festival Nacional de La #Salamanca | 25º edición

Yon González in Gran Hotel... My heart hurts for Andres and for Alicia right (I know that has nothing to to do with this picture but just watched this episode and it is hard to watch such good characters be in so much pain)