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Emma and Killian - 6 * 3 "The Other Shoe" #CaptainSwan

The next time I abandon somebody, my excuse will be that Pinocchio told me to.

Neal. you got it. And that's what he realized in Emma, she didn't have a home, so he made one for her. And chose to be with her as long as could, Because the pain of leaving someone without a home is excruciating. And Neal knew that feeling when he was left and he didn't have a home. And he knew no one should have to go through that pain.<< I agree to some extent.

All of them, Emma - Emma Swan - Henry - Once Upon a Time

Mr. Knightly, Emma, Jane Austen Quotes

Emma's leather jackets are what make Emma, Emma. She's just not the same without them, the jackets will always be apart of who Emma Swan is. The Savior.

Emma & Knightley. My favourite Austen couple in my favourite adaptation <3 Johnny Lee Miller will always be Knightly

"Once Upon A Time" - Mother & Daughter - Snow and Emma

Gwyneth Paltrow (Emma Woodhouse) and Jeremy Northam (Mr. Knightley) - Emma directed by Douglas McGrath (1996) #janeausten