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Here Are 15 Life Hacks For Dog Owners. So if You Own A Dog, This Is Beyond Awesome.

7.) Know what your dog is saying with their body language. Police should study this.

Anatomy for Kids: Teaching from the Inside Out...what great ideas. She even gives suggested books to reinforce what they learn.

About a month ago, our family was having dinner with some friends at their house. I walked into the kitchen just as the other mom, while winking at me, handed my son a second cookie and whispered, “shhhh. It’s a secret. Don’t tell your mom.” To my delight {and surprise}, my son exclaimed, “Oooooh, but…

Exercise when you wake up. Helps put you in tune with your body and make more sensible nutrition choices.

from My Mom Made That

Peppermint Tea Tree Body Wash

My Mom Made That: Peppermint Tea Tree Body Wash {DIY that is easy to make and so energizing and invigorating}

The Impact of Methamphetamine...I asked a 14 y/o patient in rural town if his grandmother cooked, and I meant food. He got defensive, and replied..NO..He meant cook meth or shake n bake for slang!

from Fantastic Fun & Learning

Exploring Marshmallows with the Five Senses

Explore the Five Senses Using Marshmallows...Part of the M is for Marshmallows Theme from Fantastic Fun and Learning

from Berry

Daily motivation (25 photos)

Funny because since being more healthy, eating better, eating smart, staying away from Fake processed foods Im happier and more energized. People think you gotta eat cake and cookies to be happy... Not true.