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This is Star Blitz. She is 10 years old and loves astronomy and stars. One day, she wants to become a famous astronomer. She doesn't have her special talent yet. She want a family that lives in a remote area so she can see the stars. | Comment to Adopt

Ellie Pink: Ellie is like Rainbow Dash. A little bit lazy but not completely. She lives far away from Cloudsdale and every other city in Equestria. She made her own house of candy and Pinkie visits. She is best friends forever with pinkie. Her house flouts because clouds are at the bottom of it. ADOPTED

Marshmallow Powder loves writing and eating marshmallows (even jumping on the big 1's!) Is now open for adoption

Rosebud by on @deviantART Details: Rosie is a funny, caring earth pony who loves gardening. Preference: To be adopted by an earth pony. Adopted by: Dinky Doo

Daisy Spin by on @deviantART Details: Daisy is a demure, loving unicorn who studies flowers. She loves plants and is Rosebud's best friend. Preference: To be adopted with Rosebud Adopted by: Discord