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Facebook and Twitter are a Mental Hospital? Yes or No

A part of me wants to sleep. More

What are the 10 Signs of Emotional Abuse? Is your life all about, doing, giving and acting for someone else? Read more

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Woman Takes Intimate Self Portraits From Psychiatric Hospital

Woman's Self Portraits From Psychiatric Hospital Show The Reality Of Living With Mental Health Issues


The Original Home Schooling Series By Charlotte Mason / Edition 6

At the conclusion of her celebrated first book--Self-Made Man, she found herself emotionally drained and severely depressed. Determined but uncertain about maintaining her own equilibrium, she boldly committed herself to three different facilities-a big-city hospital, a private clinic in the Midwest, and finally an upscale retreat in the South. Voluntary Madness is the chronicle of Vincent's journey through the world of the mentally ill as she struggles to find her own health and happiness.

Treat every human as a human with all the respect every human deserves. Judge a person based off of how they treat others.

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My mother laughed at me the first time she saw my scars on accident. She laughed..And then she looked at me and shook her head and walked away

This best description for Chronic Pain. I'm staying out of the wheelchair as long as I can

America's Largest Mental Hospital Is a Jail. At Cook County, where a third of those incarcerated suffer from psychological disorders, officials are looking for ways to treat inmates less like prisoners and more like patients.