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The whole fandom blows up about this, but to be honest... if I were Dumbledore.. I wouldn't be calm. No. The boy has the most dangerous dark wizard of all time after him, he's got enough on his plate to deal with even without the stress of being a Triwizard Tournament competitor. So, no, I would not be "calm".

louist91 Sat outside looking at the view wondering how this little shit from Donny got here. The incredible people who have supported me and continue to , blows my mind. In short : I’m lucky to have you all. Thank you :) (11/13)

Trump mocks a reporter (and with that all special needs people), but the cast of Hamilton (who gave a polite and respectful speech) is supposed to apologize? Trump = Bully.

Ever wanted to visit Iceland but are afraid of the costs? Fear not! When I visited I didn't have the money to be splurging, but used these tips to keep my costs low. Now with budget airlines flying to Reykjavik, anyone should be able to enjoy this beautiful country.

Interested in blowing the minds of all of your dinner guests? Just add a mesmerizing chandelier, and voila - your visitors will be rendered speechless. @parisianfloors

"Preparing for winter depression can help prevent or mitigate its effects. Here are some tips to strike a preemptive blow against winter depression. Take a look."


12 Mind-Blowing Ways To Cook Meat In Your Crockpot Calling all MUSHROOM lovers! This recipe is just too easy to pass up. You can add more or less chicken