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Now that Jagex finally released the Morytania tasks, Monique and I have been running through them a bit each day. For fun, and because it just makes sense, we've started with the easy tasks, and are working our way up. The last blog covered all the easy tasks, and they were pretty much an easy run exactly as advertised. Next comes the Medium tasks. Starting right off the bat, this doesn't seem very different from the easy tasks. To begin with, we hopped a charter ship to Port…

So I'm the guy with the very first Zenyte shard drop and now this happened on last kill of the task

Someone help me @ W357 graveyard in morytania. I forgot my SPADE! :(

Monique and I have been looking forward to the Morytania tasks. Since the first announcement, we've hoped for a good set. As usual, most were easy enough, but some required some extra work. We broke it into stages. Didn't want to use up all the fun right away. Some, of course, we did accidentally. Like when we used the Wicked Hood to go to the Blood Altar and make runes. That's just part of our daily things to do, but it's also on the task list. Other than the 'accidents', we…

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Runescape: Graphic Update to Amour and Gnomes It looks much better while you're spinning around and changing angles Yesterday marked the graphic update to much of Runescapes armour, plus the gnomes. This is the first of the promised changes for March. The others comprise new teleports to major towns, a Bonus Experience Weekend, and a Morytania Task Set. (Other stuff too, but these are the ones I'm looking forward to!)

Just a quick update today. I haven't permanently disappeared, just been very focused on the Morytania Elite tasks. Monique and I did take a brief break to do the Easter 2012 event (A Fowl Easter). It was cute, and humorous. Apparently the Easter Bunny suffered a mishap this year. Depending on whether you talk to the Chocatrice, or the Evil Chicken, (both can be found in the Varrock town square by the fountain) you hear a different version. Chocatrice claims the Easter Bunny fell off…

TIL theres an African country pronounced like Morytania

Can these be noted? Maybe after you med or hard morytania diaries.

Do the morytania hard diary for easy money at barrows!