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from Journal du Design

The Explosion Cabinet par Sebastian Errazuriz

Just when the headless Chicken Lamp was beginning to fade from our collective memory, Sebastian Errazuriz pops up again. However, his Explosion Cabinet is turning heads not for its shock factor but rather for its impressive design craftsmanship. A...

from Journal du Design

Orbit par Nersi Nasseri

The talented designer Nersi Nasseri shapes his vision into the impressive furniture pieces named Orbit which can be used as a bench, storage unit or console

from Journal du Design

Room Collection par Kyuhyung Cho & Erik Olovsson

In the end, aren’t we all just kids at heart? If lots of the objects that we choose might hint at the answer, this ROOM Collection Furniture System by independent designers Erik Olovsson and Kyuhyung Cho not only responds “yes” to that first inter...

from Blog Esprit Design

Them Chair chaise en bois Nicholas Karlovasitis Sarah Gibson