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Diseases With Symptoms Similar to Diabetes

Many people newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes are taken by surprise because the condition often develops without obvious symptoms. Persistently high blood sugar levels due to type 2 diabetes can cause subtle, early symptoms such as increased appetite and thirst, frequent urination and fatigue. However, these symptoms can be easily missed because...

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Diabetes Symptoms

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Dyspraxia: What You’re Seeing

While dyspraxia is not a learning disability (LD), many children with LD also show signs of dyspraxia. Learn about the common warning signs in children in Pre-K to Grade 2.

The frequency with which you should be checked for diabetes depends upon your degree of risk, your age, and lifestyle factors. Even if you have a strong family history of Type 1 diabetes, your risk of developing it is still only about 5% and is much lower after the age of 35. Furthermore, Type 1 diabetes usually presents with obvious symptoms and is unlikely to be missed.

5 Surprising Symptoms Of Diabetes << >> Not every case of type 2 diabetes presents with the obvious symptoms—unquenchable thirst, nonstop bathroom trips, and numbness in your hands or feet. Look out for these other subtle signs that.....

myths about celiac disease!! You don't have to have the obvious gut type symptoms like most GPs assume - hence why 80% of people remain undiagnosed!

Celiac disease&type 1 diabetes R genetically based disorders sharing similar genes(DQ2 and DQ8). Both diseases R immune-regulated...About 3.5 to 10 percent of individuals with celiac disease develop type 1 diabetes&visa versa. Screening for celiac disease or type 1diabetes is recommended in individuals already diagnosed /w either disorder...type 1diabetes is usually diagnosed 1st...speculated that symptoms of type 1diabetes R more obvious&therefore easier to diagnose than those of celiac…

magnesium What are the benefits of magnesium? Magnesium has many benefits known to health. For example it proved to have a beneficial effect on the prevention of heart disease and vascular since studies 12 and the emphasis on increasing the suffering of the risk of heart disease in the case of chronic magnesium deficiency. Moreover regulatory action at the level of sugar in the blood magnesium is one of the assets in the prevention of type 2 diabetes Magnesium is also known to be useful…