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15 Weirdest Shoes

creepy and strange. spider and insects woman's high heel shoes. creeps me out

Hopefully this is just a show piece and no-one actually wore this!!

Something is a little fishy about these (17 photos)

Have a look at these Exceptionally Unique Shoes Design, yes some of them are Weird Shoes design but some are really Interesting.

Okay, I'm not gonna try these, But.  Barbie, I thought that if you both had and wore these, that eventually you'd get used to point shoes... and one day they'd be comfortable. lol, but seriously, saw these, and thought of you.

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One day, while working for a shoe shop, I hopped on the net and Googled “weird shoes”, out of curiosity. What eventuated under the images tab was a collection of some of the strangest footwear I have ever seen..

Top 25 Weird Shoes Of The Internet

I want these so bad it hurts. i want to put pretty beta fish in them! Those poor fish.

They would just make me feel hungry all the time, and I'd crave chocolate ice cream!

Shoe Bakery’s Custom Shoes – Sweets for Your Feet

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"Cotton Candy"

Check out these fancy shoes.Cotton Candy Custom unique High Heel PUmP by BLCustomDesignShoes,

*  Alexander McQueen Shoes -- A Work of Art  *  Alexander McQueen, CBE  *  RIP March 17, 1969 - February 11, 2010

Weird and wonderful heels

Alexander McQueen 2010 shoes trends From Catwalk to reality, this is what Alexander McQueen's fashion extraordinary shoes look like as compared to regula

2014 New Fashion Lovers Couple Sneaker Trainer LED Light Sport Dancing Shoes

2014 New Fashion Lovers Couple Sneaker Trainer LED Light Sport Dancing Shoes

Light-up shoes! No way! I have been dreaming about having a pair of this shoes!