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study of the figure of animals .. stylus, watercolor and tranfer.

Pink Hoodie ❌ HAS DYE TRANSFER ❌ Size is XS only wore once and it got DYE TRANFER ! Color is seafoam green like last picture on the right. TRIED TO WASH TWICE DID NOT COME OUT. Please be willing to buy this and understand that washing and bleaching most likely will not work. Bleach may leave white patches and it may be cute to wear like that but I've never tried so not sure . PINK Victoria's Secret Tops

About my tranfer of job in New department - Hello� Plz pray for my new work transfer that God should give me in best place which is comfort to me and I should get Saturday holiday so I can go for prayer tower am sorry Lord if am writing any wrong or thinking selfish� Posted at: #pray #prayer #request #prayerrequest

Motifs from Kalamkari style of painting - Designs / Patterns to tranfer - Works by Sumathi - Indian Heritage

I am here to share my future career. I'm going to create ideas for video games because I like to participate in graphic design. I have learned about how to create your own story, your own characters, and your own ideas for the game, and here are some steps I am taking for this career: graduate college and get my associates degree, tranfer to a 4 year college and study graphic design, Graduate and get my bachelors degree, use the degree to get that job, and I can work on my ideas for video…