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Rainbow! I've only seen a few in my life, so it always feels special

from The Art of Manliness

Dinner Date at Home: How to Plan a Romantic Dinner Date

Dancing in the kitchen probably one of my favorite things, my parents taught me what love is when I see them doing this.

Great information on balancing your sacral chakra (As we become more attuned to the sacral, passion, desire and pleasure can become a part of everyday life, integrated in a natural balance)

two of my favorites things in life ... cats and the beach

a compilation of all of Leslie Knope's compliments to Ann

'Those Beautiful People' @atticuspoetry #atticuspoetry

from Foursquare


PHOTOLYRICS. "Every single hour of every single day! I'm trying to cry, my eyes are dry, I've cried my tears away. Can't help but remember the way you made me feel. Of all we've said and done remains the memories of days when life was fun. But now when you are gone I sit alone and watch the setting of the sun".

Please truly take this to heart. I lost my husband on 1/29/15 unexpectedly. Tell everyone you care about how much you love them & hold on to them for dear life.

I fell in love with Hawaii because of all the rainbows. I've never seen so many in my life, until I went there.