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The light was welcoming, soft. It made you want to close your eyes and let it drift over your skin. But the moment it touched you, invisible hands wrapped around you, holding you still and locking you in place. And it burned. It burned you away.

Sorry for being a little M.I.A folks. The busy season has had me spinning in circles this week! But I’m hitting the pause button in a big way the next four days. If you’d like to find out where I’m escaping to be sure to check out Instagram or…

I have not been lucky in love. I’ve been blessed with some amazing moments over the years, but somehow have managed to choose partners who did not want what I wanted, did not feel what I felt, and did not want to walk beside me into a future together

Savannah Daras is a creative portrait photographer from Portland, Maine. Her style is simple and vivid, easily catching your attention. She seems to choose each color and detail deliberately, leaving few or no distractions from her subject.

It's nice to have someone who hears your heartaches out. Someone who simply listens, and can understand how you really feel. Someone who knows you are not perfect but accepts and keeps telling you you're real. :) Thanks Cousin dear... Labyou much Joy...

Like Rock & Roll and the Radio Ray LaMontagne

beautiful...... windswept by Julia Trotti, via Flickr

I won't start, but it still looks cool to me.

squisito-dolore: “ Hannah Holman in “You Know Trust is Like a Mirror, You Can Fix it if it’s Broke”, photographed by Nick Haymes for i-D Magazine Spring/Summer ”