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OUAT - I understand future storyline reasons why this happened but it still makes me mad. Regina has come so far. Not fair!

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Death By Lana™ #130 on

Doubtful; I'm sure we would've had a hint or two by now if this were happening, but it's beautiful to dream about!! <3 Maybe one day...

I love this ship but it's so freakin' frustrating!!! #outlawqueen #OUAT

Robin Hood and Regina - 5 * 21 "Last Rites" #OutlawQueen

Regina and Robin Hood. #FamilyBusiness #OutlawQueen

Outlaw Queen... Whoever made this I love you

Regina & Robin episode 13. That's it. After Rumbelle, OutlawQueen is officially my next favorite ship! XD

.My reaction. Actually mine was probably more like intense happy screams!!!