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Literally Just 21 Funny “Doctor Who” Tumblr Posts

When they found Dwayne Johnson’s new role. | 21 Tumblr Posts That Prove “Doctor…

Being a human angel does not require wings — just a willing and ready heart. In our lives, we can often feel heaven reaching out to help us — either by angels or human angels who have been sent to help us.

Psalm 91:11 (CEV) - God will command His angels to protect you wherever you go.

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No le tienes que gustar a todo el mundo, no todo el mundo tiene buen gusto

No le tienes que gustar a todo el mundo no todo el mundo tiene buen gusto. @Candidman #Frases Candidman Motivación @candidman

Pavos reales, albino y común.

-- 14. März 2015 -- There are angels around us. They go as normal, ordinary people, and we sometimes don't notice them. But they are with us, here with us, human angels, fighting battles and going about in ways we sometimes don't notice. They are there. And I am blessed to be surrounded protected cherished by you ♡ lifesafers ♡ #safefromharm bodyguards ♡ angelsnetwork ♡ merci wild_divine ♡

Rihito entregando el correo en un cuadro de la hermana de la princesa de oriente(en el dibujo)


Human summoning.

One minute, you are in your house. The next, you're standing in a living room surrounded by three demons. They drop their Ouija board and scream as they run to their bathroom and lock the door. "I told you we shouldn't have touched it!"

writing prompt: killing someone gives you all the time they had left. (reminds me of that movie, The Skeleton Key)