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& WHAT ABOUT THEM ANGELS ! :: Obscurantism is one of humanity's villain along with greed & violence. It breads racism, misogyny, sexual repression & plain old scientific blindness when facing simple facts. Are we crazy, stupid & foolish ? Are the standards of our race still up to par ? 'Songs From Rock Opera HYPERIUM' hints towards a few avenues of reflexion on the matter.

Human Angels have certain characteristics that make them different from the rest of society. The following is an excerpt from the book, 'We are Human Angels.' If since childhood you have wanted to ...

“For truly we are all angels temporarily hiding as humans.” ~ Dr. Brian L. Weiss

Sufism (tasawwuf) means that by being freed from the vices and weaknesses particular to human nature and acquiring angelic qualities and conduct pleasing to God, one lives one’s life in accordance with the requirements of knowledge and love of God and in the spiritual delight that comes thereby.

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