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Kevin and Jun

This would SO be my reaction if Kevin Woo Seunghyun said hi to me. Guise seriously. *0* I mean its Kevin! He is like love! ^u^

Kevin ★ 유키스 케빈 ★ ケビン on

Twitter / Kevinwoo91: "V" for Valentine lol will you be mine? :)

KEVIN WOO x U-KISS | "Stalker" Teaser Photo

U KISS's Kiseop and Kevin 'Hey look, it's both our biases acting cute!' @Elizabeth Brush when I read that I assumed you were talking about Ravi and Leo. So when I looked at the picture I thought 'who are these people?' For some reason Kevin looked like Ravi so I wasn't sure when or why Kiseop was with Ravi.

Kevin ★ 유키스 케빈 ★ ケビン on

Kevin Oppa, your cuteness is so overwhelming...

Kevin ★ 유키스 케빈 ★ ケビン (Kevinwoo91) on Twitter

Oh goodness Kevin!! *spazzes and falls to the ground with feels*

U-Kiss - Kevin and Kiseop