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Novac curi na sve strane? Svi imamo 'rupe' kroz koje novac odlazi iz našeg budžeta, a razlog je često puta neznanje.

The Talk invited personal finance expert Lynnette Khalfani-Cox to go over ways to save money, such as keeping all change in an inspirational piggy bank.

Порез ће однети 30.000 радних места - http://www.vaseljenska.com/ekonomija/porez-ce-odneti-30-000-radnih-mesta/

Americans have started doing it again with a vengeance. Saving, that is. The US savings rate touched in the quarter of 2009 and has been hovering steadily over since then. While that’s still a far cry from the double-digit savings rates we saw.

Задужујемо се више од милион и по евра дневно - http://www.vaseljenska.com/ekonomija/zaduzujemo-se-vise-od-milion-po-evra-dnevno/

What is a passive income and what qualifies as a passive income and what not. Learn what are the most basic ways to earn a passive income.

Шта затвара мале пумпе? - http://www.vaseljenska.com/ekonomija/sta-zatvara-male-pumpe/

While there has been a huge effort to switch from gas-burning cars to electric, natural gas, or some other energy source, one option that few have considered is synthetic gas. Here's what's happening in that space.

И рачуне за воду нам пишу напамет - http://www.vaseljenska.com/ekonomija/racune-za-vodu-nam-pisu-napamet/

Ever heard of Kasasa accounts? These checking accounts pay over annual interest -- way more than the industry average. Here's the low-down on why you should consider going this route.

No, Bottled Water Isn’t Healthier or Tastier Than Tap Water, and Here’s Why http://www.visiontimes.com/2015/05/08/no-bottled-water-isnt-healthier-or-tastier-than-tap-water-and-heres-why.html

No, Bottled Water Isn't Healthier or Tastier Than Tap Water, and Here's Why

Seriously love this little video:The Story of Bottled Water, released on March 2010 (World Water Day) employs the Story of Stuff style to tell the story of manufactured demand

Каква економија, такав и минималац - http://www.vaseljenska.com/ekonomija/kakva-ekonomija-takav-minimalac/

Like most modern video games, World of Tanks Blitz features its own economy. Learn more about the virtual economy of this popular mobile tank combat game.

Štediše će ove godine u Nedelji štednje dočekati do 20 odsto manje kamate na dinare i 30 odsto manja kamata na evre u odnosu na prošlogodišnje. Iako je kamata na dinarsku štednju sedam puta veća, ipak štedimo u evrima.

Approaching student loan repayment intelligently will allow you to maintain your peace of mind so you can focus on a student loan-free future.