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Obama won’t let us celebrate Christian holidays – Instead he wants us to celebrate THIS! President Barack Obama continuously shows his disdain for America and everything it stands for, and the latest example of that camed from the Department of Education. Obama’s DOE has recommended that schools …

City of Sonoma

Obamacare is about to collide with the U.S. tax-filing season, adding frustration for millions of taxpayers trying to figure out how to comply and how much they will owe the government.

If he wasn't for chopping up little innocent babies and pulling them out piece by piece from their mother's womb, this would actually be cool!

Raising Obama

Senator Barack Obama (with Lincoln & King Photos in the background) in his Capitol office.

She-PAC Targets Democratic Misogynist Hypocrisy, Pushes GOP Women Candidates

Conservative women push back against the left's misogyny.