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Energetically Release Yourself from the Past

Going down the rabbit hole of negative thoughts is like an emotional quicksand that can bring down your vibrations. Have faith that you have all the necessary tools available to you to help you heal energetically... reiki healing | energy healing | holistic healing | chakra healing | law of attraction | spirituality | lightworker | meditation tips | mindfulness | manifestation| forgiveness

Gratitude Day 15

You know those days that take a tremendous amount of effort to complete the smallest task, or those days when you feel like you are in emotional quicksand and cannot pull yourself out of it? Well,...

She stayed with her horse holding it's head above water until rescued...that's love

Welcome to The IRI Affair Specialist Directory - Loraine Wiese "As a certified relationship coach and a trained mediator, I work with couples and individuals who are healing from the trauma of infidelity. Individuals who have experienced this crisis can become trapped in the emotional quick sand of the past. Stepping out of a shattered reality that no longer exists and acceptance of your story is daunting and at…

How People Treat Mental Illness Vs. How They Treat Physical Illness

Mental Illness: | How People Treat Mental Illness Vs. How They Treat Physical Illness -- "We need to get you to a hospital ASAP"

Closure? Not So Fast….

Say goodbye to crazy: Here’s how you get closure from an emotionally abusive narcissistic and/or borderline woman: Get as far away from her as you can and then get on with your life. The best form of closure for you is living well and that means a life free of abuse, filled with love and happiness. This woman will never have the kind of relationships other people are capable of—she will be left with herself and that’s a fate I wouldn’t wish upon anyone