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Ethan Allen 32 Sidehammer Rimfire Revolver – A classic early 1860s sidearm as carried by thousands of Civil War soldiers. 32 caliber 6 shot with 4 inch barrel.

A deadly duo of six-guns! At top is the Smith & Wesson .44-40 Frontier Double Action revolver taken from Hardin’s body (next slide) after he was shot by Constable John Selman (inset). Selman used the 1873 Colt Single Action .45 (above) to end the life of one of the West’s most notorious and dangerous shootists.

THE JS ANCHOR STAMPED LONDON ARMORY KERR REVOLVER . 5 Shot .45 Caliber During the American Civil War, The London Armory Company (LAC) acted somewhat as official armorers for the Confederacy. They supplied high quality interchangeable Enfield rifles and the rugged Kerr revolver. They also were the unofficial London headquarters for Confederate Army and Navy officers.